“You can’t be rolling through alone!” - San Francisco State graduate

What challenges—big and small—face first-generation college students on their path to the diploma?

For eight years, the nonprofit Next Generation Press has invited diverse groups of students from across the country to speak from experience about what helped them make the difficult transition to college and stay on to graduate. From this wealth of first-hand wisdom, we have crafted two products:

  1. Six audio-slideshows that capture the voices of the students we interviewed and take a look at their lives and learning. [Click on images below to preview.]

  2. First in the Family: Your College Years, a 124-page book that shares their stories and tips for those who follow. Click here to preview

Both are intended for first-generation-college students and the faculty and staff who guide them. The audio slideshows, which end with discussion questions, make strong conversation starters in either student support groups or administrative strategy sessions. The book provides a compelling text for use in college transition or support classes

First in the Family: Your College Years is now available as an e-book, too. To view on any browser, click here. To view on an iPad or iPhone, download our free Next Generation Press app here.

“I teach a Transition to College Course. Since 98% of our students come from first generation, low income families, it is imperative that they are as best prepared as possible. These audio slideshows are gems.” – Shenea Hunt, Bronx Lab School

“Down-to-earth advice from actual first-gen students, presented in a casual style, well written, and with planning tools at the end of each chapter. An invaluable resource for students transitioning to college and for faculty.”

– Sharon Hibbard, Houghton College


First in the Family: Advice About College from First-Generation Students -- Your College Years

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First-Generation College Students Talk About What Gets Them Through (DVD, Six Audio-Slideshows)

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High School Years